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Climate Change
Trying To Balance The Climate Change Debate

Trying To Balance The Climate Change Debate

We live in a time when a new religion has grown up, that of the ‘mankind sole cause of climate change‘ group of people which has spawned a huge push for green energy regardless of cost or efficiency. This has grown to a large number of people, but for many it is because most of...

Historical Evidence Of Humans Adapting To Climate Change

Anyone who is not caught up in the ‘global warming caused by man’ religion can surely point to many instances of mankind adapting to their environment. Throughout history we have gone off exploring new lands and environments and found hostile surroundings that we have ended up settling in and adapting to, often driving us to...

Have Your Say On Climate Change!

  Many people have a view on the climate change issue of whether mankind or nature has the greatest effect on our climate, or whether mankind has much effect at all. If you’re interested in having your own say, try our survey page or find the link in the top right of the page.
Human Activity and Climate Change

Human Activity and Climate Change

Scientists continue to debate the role of human activity in climate change. Some scientists believe sunspots and other solar activity have the greatest effect on the earth’s temperature while others believe they have no significant effect. To understand the debate over sunspots and their role, one must look at both sides of the story. ┬áScientists...
Climate Change - Nature Or Man?

Climate Change – Nature Or Man?

Climate change is one of the most hotly debated subjects around at the moment. When you think about it that is quite understandable, mankind (or humankind for the ‘PC’s’ out there) is totally dependant on the earth’s climate for survival. The weather affects everything and can kill us through excessive heat, excessive cold, storms, earthquakes,...