Climate change is one of the most hotly debated subjects around at the moment. When you think about it that is quite understandable, mankind (or humankind for the ‘PC’s’ out there) is totally dependant on the earth’s climate for survival. The weather affects everything and can kill us through excessive heat, excessive cold, storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, and the effects of all these such as drought, flooding, landslides, and so much more. We (mankind) are a tiny pinprick on the earth and every day somewhere in the world we will be reminded of that through some sort of extreme weather conditions.

Up to perhaps the last 30 years we would have accepted that we were governed by the climate and we would adapt to that climate as best we could, often very successfully even in extreme conditions.

However in the last few decades some of us have decided that mankind is responsible for the climate to such an extent that they have convinced the politicians worldwide that by spending tens of billions of dollars or pounds we can change the climate and weather. Despite the fact the scientific evidence for this is not clear and is hotly debated among scientists enough propoganda has been spread to convince those responsible for spending huge amounts of taxpayers money all over the world. If this money had been spent on vital things like making sure all countries had access to water (desalination plants for example) it would have been acceptable. Unfortunately most of the money has been spent on unproven technology which has lined the pockets of many companies who have jumped on the ‘global warming’ bandwagon. Windfarms that are inefficient and depend on coal, gas or oil powered power stations when the wind doesn’t blow, inefficient solar panels being subsidised instead of pushing companies to invest more in making them more efficient.

Climate change takes place daily, and has done for ever. That is a fact. Mankind’s contribution to climate change is open to debate, debate which has too many times been suppressed by those wanting to push the idea of mankind being totally responsible for climate change. Proper debate on the subject and open pursuit of true facts is badly needed.

This website looks simply to provide as much information as possible to help people make up their minds or at least debate properly with others about climate change and what we should do about it.

For myself, I am firmly of the belief that we should concentrate our efforts on adapting and helping others to adapt to the changing climate. I think it is arrogant in the extreme to believe that man is so powerful that we are more able to affect our climate than the sun.


Everyone will make up their own minds and I hope this website will help the debate.