There are some who believe humans are almost totally responsible for ‘climate change’ and think we can control the climate by our own actions, which include every government spending billions of dollars on ‘green energy’ such as wind farms and solar panels.

Others are sceptical of this, and point to plenty of evidence of climate change caused by changes in the solar radiation from the sun, or from other natural events such as volcanic activity or earthquakes.

A proper debate and confidence in the scientific evidence is needed to try to get to the truth, which is vital regardless of your opinions. If the ‘global warming’ group were right then changing man’s behaviour would be necessary to help control the climate. On the other hand if they are wrong then many governments round the world will cripple their economies for no reason and ruin their citizens lives for decades to come.

To try to get an idea where people stand on these issues we have produced a survey below consisting of several different poll questions. Please take part as the larger the numbers involved the more accurate representation of where people stand on these issues will be.