Anyone who is not caught up in the ‘global warming caused by man’ religion can surely point to many instances of mankind adapting to their environment. Throughout history we have gone off exploring new lands and environments and found hostile surroundings that we have ended up settling in and adapting to, often driving us to discover or invent new ways of doing things, and these days new technologies and materials. Adapting to nature and migrating over periods of time as the environment and climate has changed is norm al human behaviour.

While we can have our own thoughts on this it is always interesting when scientific research can back this up. An excellent article by Lee Rannals on draws attention to a recent scientific research on historical evidence of sudden climate change in the past leading to changes in human behaviour and population growth. Read the full article here.

There are sections of western society now that have become so comfortable that they forget about humans ability to adapt and convince governments to spend huge amounts of money chasing an impossible dream, trying to control the earth’s climate. We should learn from history and always look to adapt to our planet. It is not easy but it is what we have done for millions of years.

What we can do is instead of wasting billions of dollars on unproven technology that still needs to be developed further before try to rely on it, we can invest in desalinisation plants to provide water for poorer countries that are going to end up in wars over water before long. If we are determined to spend such large amounts of money then let’s use it wisely. Water shortages will cause wars, helping to prevent the shortages could save millions of lives and a huge amount of money which would have to be poured into these countries in aid.

There must be many more ways we can be constructive instead of lining the pockets of ‘green energy’ companies. Constructive comments welcome.