Earthquakes can be very frightening, they cause massive destruction wherever they occur. They topple buildings in cities, and have killed thousands of people with just one occurrence. They are capable of causing fires and giant waves in the ocean, commonly known as tsunamis. Not all earthquakes cause massive destruction because some of them are minor, and too weak to cause too much damage. The areas that earthquakes happen the most are the areas of the earth where the crust is still changing to some degree, these areĀ are known as the earthquake belts.

Earthquakes can leave visible signs of their massive power, and some of the effects of this power on the climate is most times very destructive. They leave tell-tale marks on the surface of the earth that cannot be ignored. Even most of the milder earthquakes can still leave a lot of damage behind due to the aftershocks. Aftershocks can be describes as a rumbling sound, such as the rumbling you hear in a thunderstorm. They can be described as the vibration you feel much like when a heavy train passes by. With larger quakes, the vibrations you feel can last during the actual event, and up to a period of many months after the original quake.
The earth is made up of many plates that make up the crust of the earth, these plates move very slowly in different directions all over the surface. Most of the quakes that occur, happen near a boundary line that is between two plates on the surface. Massive stresses are occurring as one of these plates try to push past or over another plate along the rims of the plates. The reason why it causes so much stress is because of the friction, and the friction prevents the plates from sliding easily past each other.
Because of all this friction, it builds up over time and the power becomes too much that it will eventually rupture the rock. The edges of the plates will slip in short distances in different directions and this is what causes an earthquake. The times that the stress has built up the most, are the earthquakes that are stronger and cause the most damage.

It has been studied by many scientists that any earthquake has the ability to change the rotation of the earth, it may be so small of a change to really tell, but it has happened. They even say that it can also alter the shape of the planet, even in decreasing the length of the day. The North Pole has seemed to shift, even if it was only by a few centimeters, quakes have the ability to change many things about the earth and the way it functions.
When an earthquake is occurring in real time, it is hard not to notice how it causes the earth to change and move. There are many effects that happen during and after a quake, from minor destruction, to the more earth shattering destruction that has taken so many lives and injured many people and places.