We live in a time when a new religion has grown up, that of the ‘mankind sole cause of climate change‘ group of people which has spawned a huge push for green energy regardless of cost or efficiency. This has grown to a large number of people, but for many it is because most of the media and politicians have jumped on the bandwagon, rather than them being knowledgable enough to decide for themselves about the scence and cause of climate change. This would not be so much of a problem if proper open research had been done and an open climate change debate had been pursued, rather than research thats fits a message that the group desires to be propogated throughout the world. Worse than that is the attempt to close down debate on the cause of climate change by labelling anyone who disagreed (for scientific reasons supported by many distinguished scientists) as being terrible people who were not bothered about protecting the planet and anyone who disagreed with spending billions on green energy as being some sort of neanderthal. The facts are that many people are worried that scientific research that supposedly proves mankind is the main cause of climate change, is flawed due to the message being more important than the research.

Fortunately some blatant manipulation of historical facts and uncovered secrecy among groups of scientists in their desire to attribute the cause of climate change to mankind, has helped balance the climate change debate slightly and many people are not so willing to accept the message without scrutiny. Most people who have been sceptical of the ‘warmists’ just want a proper open debate because the last thing we need is huge amounts of money being wasted in a time of difficulty for most countries economies. We also see many large companies benefiting from government grants for inefficient ‘green’ technologies and of course these companies have a lot to lose so will always be happy to support anyone putting out the correct message.

Desalination Plant

Desalination Plant – A more useful use of money that windfarms?


There are a few people who have been trying to balance the argument of who is responsible for any climate change, mankind or nature. One of these who has been researching and publishing evidence for a long time is Christopher Booker of the UK Daily Telegraph. A recent article of his is well worth reading http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/energy/10163570/Our-lights-will-stay-on-but-it-will-cost-us-a-fortune.html as it dwells on just how much the obsession with inefficient green energy is costing the United Kingdom.

Christopher Booker’s articles have been an excellent source of common sense for the last few years for people like me who does not follow like sheep the ‘global warmist’ message. He has consistently tried to open up the climate change debate by searching out both evidence of the cause of climate change and of blatant manipulations and scare mongering by the global warmist group.

My view is that instead of wasting huge amounts of money trying to fight nature and failing, we would be better off spending some of that money helping avoid wars by making sure countries that are going to face water shortages get alternatives such as de-salinisation plants.